Bally Artist 2012


Bally Artist 2012

The Bally Foundation was captivated by NEVERCREW’s visual commentary on major social, political and environmental issues, focusing on the interaction between mankind and the environment and its direct impact on the natural world.

NEVERCREW’s iconic visual storytelling style is surreal and dramatic, yet permeated with humour and hope, to raising awareness of the collective’s concern.

NEVERCREW is the pseudonym of Swiss Street Art duo Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Christian Rebecchi was born in 1979 in Lugano and Pablo Togni in 1980 in Bellinzona. They both graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2015 in Milan. They have been creating large scale site-specific urban interventions together since 1996.

EVERCREW’s monumental outdoor murals can be viewed in public spaces in Switzerland, throughout Europe, and in the United States, Canada, India, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt and New Zealand. Currently the duo resides in Switzerland, Christian Rebecchi lives in Arbedo, and Pablo Togni in Gudo. NEVERCREW won the Bally Artist Award in 2012.

The principal focus of NEVERCREW’s remarkable body of work is social injustice and the confrontation between man and the environment, including the damage wreaked by man on the natural world through pollution or species extinction.

Life-sized stranded whales are a recurrent symbol in their hyper-realistic and graphic hybrid style. The very site of their interventions becomes an important element in their powerful and immediate compositions. In the works that NEVERCREW defines as “living structures,” the duo explores the process of forced symbiosis where animated and inanimate elements coexist. The artificial component represented by the machinery opens a reflection on living beings and their relationships with territory and environmental resources.

"Enlightenment and Process"
Silk-screen print – 56/70
42 x 29,7 cm
The Bally Foundation Permanent Collection, Switzerland

"Enlightment and Process" was the artwork produced by NEVERCREW for the 66th edition of the Locarno Film Festival with the help of a grant from The Bally Foundation.

This surreal tribute to cinematography, representing the mechanics of film production and of the entertainment industry as a whole, is a reflection on the potential of the Seventh Art to ignite dreams, inspire thought and initiate transformation.